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Quick Firing Circuit Tester

The IGNIUS quick Firing Circuit Tester checks your firing circuits continuity instantly and indicates a resistance range for the whole circuit giving a clear indication of the firing circuit resistance, so you can be sure that your detonator or ignitor will fire.

With simple testers which only perform a 'circuit is made' test it is possible to get the impression that you have circuit continuity, where in reality the resistance of the circuit maybe many hundreds of ohms resulting in no fire situations. The IGNIUS quick Firing Circuit Tester actually measures the resistance of the firing circuit and indicates with ultrabright LED's 4 bands of resistance: 0 - 25 Ohms, 26 - 50 Ohms and 51 - 200 Ohms, and above 201 Ohms.

The firing circuit wires are simply put onto the test terminals and a reading is obtained immediately, with no need to turn on or off via a power switch. The testers contacts are designed so that you can press wires directly to them or connect 4mm 'banana' test leads with crocodile clips. It is compact, sealed to IP54 and designed to fit onto a key ring. The tester has a replaceable coin battery cell. Test current is 1.2mA.

Optional accessories are a set of 4mm banana test leads with crocodile clip terminations. For more information, please use the email address shown in contact.

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