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Electric Detonator Initiator for Caver Use

A specially designed Electric Detonator Initiator for use by cavers who employ explosives in their cave digs. The initiator was developed in conjunction with input from the Explosives User Group (EUG), which is a special interest group operating under the British Cave Research Association.

The initiator has solid state electronics, which provide superb reliability in a compact unit, tested to 5000 firings. An epoxy resin sealed plastic case with a protective rubber boot insures that the initiator can resist the difficult environment of a cave dig. A built it ohm meter gives resistance bands of the firing circuit: 0-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20 and 21-25 ohms, which helps in identifying any faults on the firing circuit once connected.

For more information, please use the email address shown in contact.

Key Features -

· Discharge energy - 2.25J @ 150V
· Fires up to 10 medium intensity detonators in series
· Charge time - 3 to 7s, depending on battery condition
· Very compact size
· Low battery indicator
· User replaceable batteries (2 x AA) - easily obtainable
· Screw down connection terminals
· Built in resistance meter
· 400 charge and fire cycles per battery set
· Designed and Tested to EN:13763-26:2004
· Supplied with Peli storage case
· Prototypes underwent several months of field tests on cave
· Recommended by EUG

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