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Remote Control Initiators for Electric Dets & Shock Tube

A remote control initiator available in: Single Shock Tube, Twin Shock Tube (for EOD operations) and Electric Versions.

A high power radio link allows these units to provide up to 1.5km line of sight remote control range (in ideal conditions). One time pad encryption and secure addressing with error checking provide a highly reliable operational link between transmitter and receiver resulting in a communication protocol that cannot be compromised. For more information, please use the email address shown in contact.

Key Features -

· Typical 1km line of sight range
· Shock Tube Discharge Energy - 0.7J, 2s Charge
· Electric Discharge Energy - 1.125J-150V, 3s Charge
· Compatible with Dyno Nobel tips
· In Range Indicators on RX and TX units
· Low battery indicator on RX and TX units
· User replaceable batteries (2 x C for RX, 2 x AA for TX)
· Built in resistance meter
· 300 Shock Tube / 200 Electric Det Firings per battery set
· Designed and Tested to EN:13763-26:2004
· Optional Peli storage case

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