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Remote Radio Control Micro Hit Box

The iGNiUS remote radio control micro hit box system allows the rigging of pyrotechnical hits in various locations without the need of multicore wiring, offering a simpler set up and saving time. The transmitter is like a traditional 8 way switch box, and each 'firing' channel is a separate miniature single channel remote control receiver of matchbox proportions. The system can operate in either manual or sequence modes. The firing switches can either be toggle action or push button depending on preferences.

The hit boxes can fire pyrotechnical detonators, pyrotechnical effects, sensitive 24V valves or relays for special effects on film and television sets. The system operates in manual mode - individual control or in sequence mode where the receivers all fire in sequence.

We are the only manufacturers of hitboxes that also make commercial explosives initiation systems for the quarrying, mining and explosive ordinance disposal industries - you can be sure that our hitboxes are designed to the highest safety standards. For more information, please use the email address shown in contact

Key Features -

· Manual and Sequence Modes
· Output at 24V, all solid state switching
· Can be used to remotely trigger our other products
· Intelligent Continuity Tester on Receivers
· User replaceable batteries - easily obtainable
· Receivers are a very compact size, only 50x56x26mm
· Low Battery & In Range indicators
· Up to 500m line of sight range
· Operation in the licence free ISM bands

If the Micro Hitbox receivers are going to be used in wet or muddy environments then they can be totally protected and made water proof by our Micro Pelicase enclosure. It provides screw terminal contacts for the firing line and a external antenna connection.

The micro hit box kit comes complete with batteries, spare batteries, antenna, connectors, screw driver and storage case. No additional equipment is required and they are ready to operate from delivery.

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