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Personal Hitbox

The iGNiUS 4 Way Personal Hitbox is a highly compact unit for firing hits on a persons body. It operates in either manual or sequence modes, has low battery indication and is powered from one CR123A Li-Ion battery.

The hitbox can fire pyrotechnical detonators and pyrotechnical effects for special effects on film and television sets. For more information, please use the email address shown in contact.

We are the only manufacturers of remote controlled special effects firing systems that also make commercial explosives initiation systems for the quarrying, mining and explosive ordinance disposal industries - you can be sure that our systems are designed to the highest safety standards.

Key Features -

· 4 Channels at 24V output, all solid state switching
· Intelligent continuity tester
· Manual and sequence Firing
· User replaceable battery - easily obtainable
· Very compact size - only 56 x 70 x 26mm
· Low battery indicator

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