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Relay Interfaces and Mini Sequencers

To expand the capabilities of our capacitor discharge firing systems we have designed a number of solid state switching accessories that can be triggered from any of our remote control systems, allowing them to switch high power loads such as solenoids, relays, lights and of course to fire pyrotechnical charges and squibs. For more information, please use the email address shown in contact

The IGNIUS SolidState 4 Way Mini Sequencer is a 4 channel switch that can be operated in manual, sequence and auto rearm modes. The channel on times and the delay between channels are fully independant and varible between 0 and 99s in 10mS steps. The LCD display shows input voltage and the load current that is being switched.

Key Features -

· Operated from 12 to 24V DC input
· 4 Channels, all solid state switching rated at 25A
· 10mS Timing Resolution
· Manual, Sequence and Auto Rearm modes
· Triggered from any 12-24VDC input
· Reverse Polarity / Short Circuit Protected
· Resistance reading for each channel 0-200 Ohms

For applications that just need to switch a single heavy load the Solid State Relay Interface is the perfect compact solution.

Key Features -

· Allows the hit boxes to switch large loads
· Switch Output Time 0.5 - 15.0 Seconds
· 12-24V operation, 15A Switch Capacity
· Pyro Output Channel
· Triggered from any 12-24VDC input
· Reverse Polarity / Short Circuit Protected
· 66x57x26mm, 75g

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